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Take Care of Your Body || Guest Post

As part of my 20 Things to Know in your 20’s post I’ve been working with a series of bloggers to provide you with a little post filled with knowledge every Tuesday!

This weeks post is by Becca! Be sure to check out her links at the bottom of this post!

Hey everyone, today Becca has kindly written a guest post about 5 ways to care for your body. May this be taking time to exercise or take a sleep all these things help create better mental and physical health overall.

1. Reminding yourself you are fabulous.

Reminding yourself of all the things you have accomplished and don’t get trapped up in all your problems and failures. Taking the time to remember the positives that define you as an individual outside of everything else will contribute significantly to a good peace of mind. The positives of you could be something a simple as your sense of humour, your talent at makeup or any small achievement.

2. Taking time for exercise.

It’s important to not over exercise your body and like wise not do enough. Even a little activity can help both your mental health and physical health. A simple thing like taking the stairs instead of the lift once a day is beneficial to your health.

3. Making sleep a priority.

If you’re tired give yourself permission to sleep. Even if you have a long list of jobs you have to do. Your body is telling you that you have over exhausted yourself. While you sleep this is the time while your body recharges it’s batteries and repairs damage from a small graze to fighting illness.

4. Eating well

Food is fuel, we need it to function optimally. Eating well means feeding your body what it needs, in the most natural way you can. Food not only gives you energy but also provides your body with nutrients to help fight infections. Your body needs fuel just as much as rest to help your body work properly.

5. Listening to pain.

When something hurts it means something somewhere has gone wrong and this is the way your body tells you this. Yes, we often pay no attention to pain unless it becomes unbearable. No matter how small it shouldn’t be brushed aside because they represent damage within your body and can become a bigger issue.

Hope this has been somTewhat beneficial to you keeping your health as good as possible. If you have any other ways you care for your body leave comments below.

You can find Becca at:


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