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Messy Bun Routine || Lazy Sundays

It’s Sunday yaaay! Time to roll out of bed midday for a roast and then veg on the couch or nurse your hangover (and silently salute those who have to work weekends). With lazy days comes the ultimate lazy day hairstyle – The Messy Bun! So lets learn my favourite messy bun technique!

messy bun 1

Start with a ponytail 

Begin with a ponytail that will sit where you want the centre of your bun to be, whilst your hair is at this stage you might want to pull out any loose hairs you want to frame your face. Then loosen your ponytail a little until its comfortably messy.




Split the ponytail in two sections

Now split your pony tail into two even sections and hold them either side by the ends.




Twist the two sections around the centre

Now taking these two sections twist them around the centre hairband in a clockwise motion until they are wrapped around it giving you your bun shape. Be sure to keep them twisted.



Now you will have a tight bun

Then secure this with another hair band and if needed some bobby pins. This should leave you with a small tight bun, which isn’t quite what you want (or if it is you can leave it at this stage.



Now just loosen it up by gently pulling at sections and tighten by pulling the base if needed.

And your done! You should have a perfect messy bun, the best hairstyle for those lazy sunday afternoons or days in.

Have you got any great tricks for a perfect messy bun? Let me know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Messy Bun Routine || Lazy Sundays

  1. Love that messy bun, I tend to put mine in a ponytail and back comb the pony tail lots, then I wrap the ponytail around in a bun shape an put a hairband over it. Then I start pulling it about an pinning it, where ever I think it looks the best


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